Battle arena VR review: Shooting, exploding, sniping, It has potential.

Battle arena VR does pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a new title currently in beta, where you fight to survive and kill the enemy, whether its a free for all or a team deathmatch.

Let’s start with the gameplay, it has fairly simple gun mechanics with a “plasma launcher” which acts as a close-range weapon, in the style of a flamethrower, a rocket launcher for a medium-range weapon and a laser in the style of a sniper.

It’s fairly simple to get a hold of and sniping with a big blue laser does feel satisfying. However, the lack of variety in weapons could be improved upon, more weapons, or even weapon skins.

There are currently three different maps, including a sci-fi ship, two towers on a battlefield and a great field with a few big wind turbines! The use of levels works incredibly well with the main movement feature, a laser grapple!

Image credit: Dreamteam Mobile

The grapple needs a little work with the physics and feeling like you’re actually swinging. But none the less it is fun to fling yourself into the air and snipe the enemies from the sky!

However, I will say the game needs a lot of work. The maps look very basic and a little blocky, which is okay for a game in early stages, but does need to be updated and I’m hoping it gets the treatment it deserves.

I’m also hoping the walking mechanics are updated before release, as there is no way to turn with a button, you have to physically turn yourself around. Which sounds ideal because it’s in VR and it immerses you, but not when you have wires tangling your feet and causing all sorts of chaos! Unless you have an Oculus quest, in which case, enjoy!

Image credit: Dreamteam Mobile

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play the multiplayer with real people, I played exclusively with A.I, so I haven’t made a solid judgement for the entertainment value.

I imagine playing with real people who are a little more chaotic would make playing a lot more enjoyable, and make you feel like a real sniper when you hit someone zooming through the air. But as I was only able to shoot people walking in a straight line, it felt a little easy once I was accustom to the game.


To conclude, the game needs a lot of work, but has a lot of potential to be a great game. The maps are fun and make use of the speedy grappling system and the guns that are available make for fast paced, quick thinking action. With a few tweaks the game could be a great VR shooter that’s fun to play and different enough to create an audience.

If you want to try the game for yourself it’s available now for free on Steam.

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  1. Thank you for such a detailed review and you feedback. It all makes sense and we are working on most of the features you mentioned above: snap turns, detailed maps, grapple physics. The community is growing and you can find a real player much more often, but if not, join every Saturday at 7 PM PT and you will definitely find someone, or join our discord to find a match. We are also working on adding new weapons, new maps and some customizations!


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