Vigor Review – The newest form of Shooter-Looter

Disclosure: This game was provided to us with the Armory Pack for free by Bohemia Interactive for the purpose of review. In a time where post-apocalyptic games feel a little more realistic than usual, Vigor is here! Taking place in post-war Norway, Vigor has it’s players fight or work together as they try to loot in dangerous, hostile yet somehow beautiful environments in order to … Continue reading Vigor Review – The newest form of Shooter-Looter

Carrion Review: Simply Monstrous!

To call Carrion a ‘murder simulator’ is simultaneously a gross oversimplification and completely accurate. To sum up the story of the game: you are a murderous tentacle creature that has been captured and taken to a scientific facility and is being studied. You are trying to escape. That’s it. The game isn’t about to tell you an in-depth, character building narrative that deals with the … Continue reading Carrion Review: Simply Monstrous!