Morbid: Seven acolytes review – slaying 8-bit creatures never felt so good.

*DISCLOSURE: This game was provided to us by Merge games for the purpose of review*

Morbid: seven acolytes brings the brutality of the souls games to a dreary pixelated world, full of putrid plants, mouldy enemies and hardcore bosses.


As someone who hasn’t found the time to delve into the Souls games, I was excited to try this, and the excitement was savagely beaten by the enemies that seemed to enjoy destroying my will to live. I get it, this sounds bad, but somehow I never felt defeated. The difficulty of the game made me want, no, need to return the favour and smash the enemies out of existence!

Starting out with a sword and a perky attitude I was met with some very quick deaths. But I soon realised that I wasn’t bad at the game per se, just that particular weapon. Once I got hold of a medium-range trident I got into the swing of the game.

Slaying rotting enemies and splashing 8-bit pools of blood all over the place felt so satisfying, but only because I had felt how hard the game was. It’s a very clever way of making you desperate to see how good you could be with the other weapons.

Image credit: Merge games

While I will admit I haven’t managed to reach the end of the game, I have faced off against a variety of enemies, which all feel very different from each other. To name a few, there are the guardsmen who swing at you with a sword, a shaman who hurls a fury of homing blue fireballs of death at you and leaches which can shoot some form of bloody flesh at you, or stab with a razor-sharp tongue when you get too close.


The storyline of the game is spelt out immediately, you must defeat the seven evil acolytes to get sweet revenge for your mother, or that’s what I took away from the opening cutscene. The acolytes have created all the monsters mentioned above and more and they are killing townsfolk, including your parents. That’s why you feel the need to hunt the evil creatures down.

The range of attacks from enemies and from yourself with new weapons allows you to truly master each weapon, taking time, learning the range, speed and damage of everything, I assume, would make you feel like a true master of the game. I can’t call myself a master but I can say I was very dangerous when equipped with the trident and even that felt amazing.

Image credit: Merge games

Visuals and Audio

I did struggle to understand the runes and mushrooms that didn’t seem to want to join to my weapon, but that may have been down to my lack of experience with these sorts of games, never the less I found myself facing off against grotesque bosses who all fell to my trident.

The setting of the game that I have played so far sets you in a small fishing town and then up into a mountain, which all look strangely nice considering the number of maggots, leaches and dead bodies scattered around. The audio also helped bring the title of the game into the setting, bleak music seemed to surround me but not overpower and distract me.


The game is brutal and morbid and I shouldn’t love it, but I do. I can say with complete honesty that I cannot wait to finish this game and see what more it has to offer. The story isn’t spelt out to you which makes me want to delve into every nook and cranny on every level to make sure I don’t miss anything that could either reveal more of the story or be some form of upgrade for me. It’s well worth the time to get into it and find the right playstyle for yourself, so don’t be disheartened if you aren’t immediately conquering the game. It takes time.

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