What to look forward to for DC Fandome

Normally all the big Marvel and DC film and tv announcements are made at the San Diego Comic-Con. Trailers are shown, surprise castings are revealed and everyone goes home knowing what’s coming from the two comic giants of the next year. This year, with the pandemic, both decided to hold their cards instead of showing everything – except for the Snyder Cut clip. This makes me feel like Friday’s DC Fandome is going to have some big news. Here are some of the things going on at DC that we know they’re going to talk about and some things I hope they surprise us with.

Image credit: DC Comics


First up Arrowverse, one of the most successful live-action content DC has put out over the last 10 years. The series that started it off, Arrow, is now over so will not have a panel. There are, however, panels for The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Batwoman. I’m interested to see what will happen at the Batwoman panel after it was revealed that Ruby Rose will no longer be leading that show and her replacement, Javicia Leslie, will be the first-ever black Batwoman on television. We might also see a sneak peek of the new Batwoman aka Ryan Wilder (which could be a completely new character as the name does not feature in any comics).

Titans, Stargirl, Harley Quinn and Doom Patrol

There are panels for each of the other DC series still running. These panels will be mostly a discussion on their most recent seasons, however, I feel like Titans may reveal more about future seasons as it has already been a couple of months since its most recent season. The description for the panel describes season three as the biggest one yet so they cannot end the day without revealing some clues about that threat.

Image credit: Warner Bros

WW 1984

There are multiple Wonder Woman Panels throughout the event as it’s the 80th anniversary of the character’s creation and it’s the next DC film to come out. There will be a sneap peak but the description also says there will be a few surprises which makes you wonder what they have planned. It’s one of the first panels of the night and it kicks off with a surprise which really makes you wonder what that surprise will be.

Suicide Squad

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad will also be at the event but the event is described as the ultimate elimination game which leads me to think the most information we may get is a reveal of characters that will be in the sequel. More importantly, a later panel called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will reveal an upcoming video game. Rocksteady, the creators of the Batman: Arkham series are finally ready to reveal the next DC game. The title and poster don’t leave much to the imagination about the focus of the game but it will be exciting to see how the reveal plays out.

Image credit: Rocksteady Games

Introducing Flash and the Batman

As a homage to the character (or probably due to lack of information for a film coming out in two years) there will be a quick panel rundown of the upcoming Flash film. Matt Reeves’ The Batman will also be talked about in a separate panel which hints at a surprise or two which I bet will be a sneak peak of Robert Patterson as the legendary crime-fighter.

Black Adam and Shazam

Shazam! is also getting a short panel for the cast to talk about what might happen in the next film with another set of ‘surprise guests’. I feel like one of these surprise guests could be Dwayne The Rock Johnson as he will be already featured at the event in the earlier Black Adam panel. The discussion for Black Adam will probably reveal the basics of what the film is about and because the film is set for next year, a trailer or some sort of featurette video will probably be shown at the event.

Snyder Cut

Image Credit: Warner Bros

Of course, DC’s Cinematic saviour Zack Snyder will be getting his own panel about the Snyder Cut coming to HBO next year. The description mentions a few surprise guest which means he will definitely bring in one or two of the cast members of the original 2017 film. We already got a scene at San Diego Comic-Con so I doubt we would get more so quickly but who knows. DC is kind of big on surprises this year.

Untitled slot

Finally, there is one slot on the list of panels which is labelled to be announced. On the one hand, this could just mean the organisers of the event are still finalising the details of that panel or potentially could be a big secret that they don’t want revealed until the day or night. Most of the upcoming films and TV series have been covered so I don’t know what they could be holding back for that slot if it is the latter. Comment what you think it might be or whether it is just a scheduling thing.

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