Corridor: Amount of Fear Review

Disclaimer: Corridor: Amount of Fear was provided to us free for the purposes of review.

Corridor: Amount of Fear is a mind-bending horror experience from Unreal Quality Games. In the game you, the protagonist visit your sister at her home. But things aren’t all as they seem to be when you arrive.

You enter the house and immediately find that a lot of doors are locked. This forces you to look through CCTV footage of the house finding a humanoid creature with no face lurking in the hallways.

I tried to take in as much of the detail as I could as I made my way through the house. As with any horror game, I looked for clues to the story and hidden Easter eggs.

However, I was a little disappointed by the lack of detail in the surroundings. Generic scary images that don’t relate to the story hang on the walls. There was no real sign of anyone living there apart from random chairs and tables.

Empty Horror Hallways. Credit: Unreal Quality Games

Then came my first experience with this unknown creature, who took little notice in me. The creature couldn’t catch up to you if you sprinted, so it was easy to escape and ignore the thing.

If the creature had footsteps or made some sort of noise, this would increase suspense. The player would have the fear of knowing it was close by and this would be a major improvement.

Nevertheless, I continued through the house searching for my sister, which is where the game got interesting.

Similarly to the massive hit, PT beta, the rooms would change and bend making you feel uneasy and confused. This would have made for some amazing chases with the creature in the house. Yet the creature doesn’t make another appearance until the very end of the game.

Menacing note. Credit: Unreal Quality Games

While mannequins pop up creating more unease, nothing actually made me panic. Even small changes like jump scare sounds would improve the horror aspect of the game.

It’s not all bad. Mixing aspects from Resident Evil 7 and the PT beta make for an intriguing experience. I just wish there was more to it.

To conclude, Corridor: Amount of Fear is short, twists reality and has elements of horror. But for me, it does need a fair amount of work if it wants to genuinely freak me out. Overall, it is a great building block for the developers to work on.

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