Hyper Psychic Gauntlets review

Hyper Psychic Gauntlets is a simple but incredible VR title by SpinVR. The main goal is to survive waves of enemies and fling them into the walls using your psychic gauntlets.

Now you might be thinking this is an easy task. However, when you have at least 15 alien-looking creatures shooting ping pong balls of destruction at your face it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You have to choose between two options of difficulty, “casual mode” and “normal mode”. Casual mode is slightly easier and throws slightly fewer enemies your way. However, being stubborn, I chose normal mode thinking I could smash it as a veteran VR player.

The tutorial made me sure I could conquer this game with ease. Grabbing the projectiles and throwing them back to decimate the enemy was so empowering I was sure it was the way forward. Yet, after about fifteen minutes of being blasted into dust, I worked out something. The key isn’t to try and grab the projectiles flying to you but dodge them. If you constantly move in all directions it makes it a little easier to survive. It does feel like quite the leg workout. I don’t think I’ve squatted so much while playing a game!

Another 20 minutes fly by and I’ve finished the first level! Serotonin floods my brain. Feeling like nothing could throw me off this high horse I dove straight into the next level. Unsurprising plot twist, there are new enemies. Flying laser turrets meant that I was about to have even more of a workout. Flinging my face all around my room to fit through the slither of a gap left by the unforgiving lasers. But somehow this felt great, an entirely new challenge to overcome. Managing to grab at least one of the lasers and use it as a weapon against the others felt incredible. Dodging lasers and firing right back at them. I felt like I was straight out of the matrix. But my fiancĂ© very quickly let me know that I looked more like a fish struggling to get back into water.

Credit: SpinVR

An hour later, I have swished and swooped through so many lasers and finally beaten the 500 enemies that wanted to take me down. They couldn’t. I again felt like I was too good to beat and once again the boss of the next round swiftly took me down. The boss has a range of attacks that randomly throw lasers or projectiles or instakills at you. I had to set my pride down on the table and head into “casual mode” to beat the boss. While I did beat the boss, I will be returning to take it down in normal mode!

The gameplay of this game was genuinely phenomenal. I usually go into VR expecting glitches and mediocre graphics. But this felt almost flawless. I never felt that the game was the reason that I would die, it was always my skill or lack thereof. The load times were also impressive, allowing you to jump straight back into the game once you’ve died. Graphically the game was stunning. The detail that went into the creatures was amazing and the final boss felt truly massive with the scale of your surroundings. There was even attention to detail with rocks falling when the bosses tentacles would hit the ceiling and lasers shooting sparks off the environment.

Thanks to all of the above, I felt truly immersed in this world! If you’re looking for a fast-paced action game that’s going to test your reflexes and feel like an unstoppable beast, Hyper Psychic Gauntlets is the game for you. The sheer number of enemies you face gives a sense of pride when beating all of them. It offers a range of enemies and more levels than it first seems. After beating the first boss I assumed I was finished, but there is much more to discover, including new enemies and new powers!

Credit: SpinVR

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