I’m a Soft Round Kitten, and you can be too!

Disclosure: This game was provided to us for free by Sylvie, 10mg for the purpose of review.

10mg: You are such a Soft and Round Kitten is an adorable 8-Bit indie game and honestly, I knew I was in for a wild ride when my download was estimated to finish in two seconds. It’s a silly game for a silly audience. I am that audience.

Image credit: Sylvie

10mg stands for 10-minute game, and this game certainly is very short, so don’t go into this thinking you’re starting a deeply expansive puzzle platformer. I completed the game with a total playtime of half an hour. My first 20 minutes were spent idling during a phone call and the last 10 consisted of actual gameplay, so I definitely got what I was promised.

Once starting the game, you must navigate through a series of puzzles to collect the six “traits” of a kitten. This is achieved by making your way through a labyrinth and solving some fairly basic puzzles to gain access to new rooms. After wandering through several random doors and getting lost a few times, I managed to collect every power-up and all the “traits” needed to complete the game.

Image credit: Sylvie

The art style is simple, cute and reminds me that I am such a soft and round kitten as I glide around as a…soft and round kitten. I love the power-ups like the balloons that make you float and the cat that changes gravity but my favourite thing to see are the little frog friends. They are adorable (especially when you wear them as a hat).

I unironically think the soundtrack is amazing. From the smallest mew to the beautiful vocals when going through any door, I genuinely enjoyed listening to the music, although I did have to turn it down in the setting to stop myself from going deaf.

Image credit: Sylvie

Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to say about this game simply because it is so short, but I really did enjoy my 10-minute experience of getting lost and becoming presumably the softest and roundest kitten.

If you’re looking for more of a challenging puzzle game or something to really sink your teeth into for a while, I’d give this one a miss. 10mg: You are such a Soft and Round Kitten is short and simple and aims more towards the fun and light-hearted; and that’s all it needs to be. After all, you are only such a Soft and Round Kitten!  

10mg: You are such a Soft and Round Kitten is available now on Steam for £2.09

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