Shell Corp: An egg-centric party game

Have you ever wondered how an egg feels when it sees toast? A loaf of thinly sliced soldiers inevitably advancing. Bread that’ll soon be dunked in your delicate yolky insides. Well we’ve never thought of it either. Luckily, the developers at Practical Yolk Games have contemplated the wide array of horrors experienced by the soft-boiled community, and they’ve converted that particular concept into their debut party game Shell Corp.

The developers vibrant debut has players control a mischievous band of eggs with up to eight players online. With game modes like ‘Hold the Fork’, ‘Eggball’, ‘Sumo Mode’ and many more, this quirky indie game is easy to play and serves up some cracking good fun. Players can even customise their shelled avatars in the ‘Egg Painting’ section, although we preferred not to have any beards on our avatars. After all, who wants hair in their food?

Compete or co-operate with up to 8 players both locally and online through a variety of game modes.

The games wacky physics and awkwardly-shaped avatars turn even a simple race into a frantic event for players.

Source – Practical Yolk Games press release

The physics-based gameplay and the intentional awkwardness of movement (you’re controlling an egg, after all) makes Shell Corp highly unpredictable and evens the playing field for experienced gamers and complete novices.

The game is set in an office break room, in which the players must scramble to complete the various goals set in each game mode. In the case of ‘Eggball’ these goals are literal, but other modes have your eggs rolling through obstacle courses and escaping slices of toast; the eggs natural predator.

Gather your indie-loving, or just egg-loving, friends and compete to see who is a true double-yolker. To the victor goes the most-beloved trophy in the kitchen cupboards: ‘The Egg Cup’. Don’t crack under all that pressure.

The developers are particularly proud of Shell Corp’s ‘fully fun-ctional’ AI support system that ensures even a solo player can experience the whole game. There’s nothing worse than a lonely egg.

The wacky concept was inspired by an assignment the three developers worked on at university together, and the concept for an egg-themed video game was laid. ‘Eggsassination’ was a stealth game featuring a tough-to-control egg that hunted patrolling soldiers.

Yep, you guessed it, ‘Eggball’ is egg-football. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this game mode is entertaining and challenging. 

Source – Practical Yolk Games press release

Developer and co-founder Bryn Findlay-Dykes called Shell Corp the “spiritual successor” to their final-year project, although it seems the toast ‘soldiers’ take more of a backseat in Shell Corp. Your main worry tends to be all the other eggs.

Bryn describes the game as a classic minigame collection, with enough thematic consistency that players can enjoy any game mode in any setting.

“Anyone should be able to pick it up and get to grips with the simple controls while hanging out with friends,” Bryn told us, “after all, party games never go out of style.”

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